Administrative Offices

University Offices


AUC's offices provide a variety of services to the University community, including incoming and current students, faculty, staff and alumni.


The Office of Advancement and Communications is responsible for the strategic positioning and reputation management of the University. This includes creative and editorial services, media relations, marketing, publications, communications, the University website, Arabic outreach, advertising and social media. The office is also responsible for cultivating relations with University friends and donors for philanthropic gifts and fundraising support. In addition, it is also responsible for fostering and strengthening the bond between the University and its global alumni community. Our goal is to spread the word about AUC’s invaluable contributions to research, service and outreach — in Egypt, the region and the world — across all mediums through crafting clear, consistent and quality communications. Follow AUC on Facebook (English and Arabic), TwitterInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube.

The principal mission of the Office of Budget and Financial Planning is to develop annual and long-range University budgets for approval from the Board of Trustees and to administer the budgets throughout the fiscal year.  The office works in collaboration with various constituencies, such as faculty committees, student governance organizations, deans, vice presidents, senior administrators and unit budget managers.  The University Budget Committee consists of members of the University Senate's finance committee, students, staff members and administrators. The committee works to formulate a budget proposal, makes recommendations to the president and presents the budget proposal to the Board of Trustees.


  • Formulating annual and long-term revenue models and integrating expenditure
  • Developing research and analysis, and providing recommendations to senior management on a wide variety of academic and financial issues that have a major impact on the University budget
  • Budget proposal review of new academic programs
  • Revenue and expense forecasts and budget performance review
  • Conducting market comparison and benchmarking studies

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AUC's Career Center is committed to providing quality service to students, alumni and employers in the areas of career planning and employment through a centralized comprehensive program. It educates students and alumni for lifelong career planning.


  • Assistance in identifying career objectives, designing and implementing job search strategies, as well as exploring experiential learning, employment and postgraduate opportunities
  • Fostering collaborative relationships with faculty, employers and the professional community at large

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The Office of the Controller is responsible for all fiscal departments that serve the University and AUC community, including management of students accounts, payroll, grants, the endowment, and payment of goods and services within departments. The office works to ensure the fiscal integrity of AUC and its assets by providing timely, accurate and reliable financial information and by establishing clear fiscal guidelines for the University community.  


  • Developing an effective and dynamic internal control structure that protects the University’s resources and ensures the integrity of its financial accounting and reporting systems
  • Providing client-centered quality services in accounting, collection, disbursement, financial information and reporting, and working capital management
  • Complying with all relevant internal policies and the rules and regulations of both Egyptian and U.S. regulatory agencies.​

The Office of Data Analytics and Institutional Research (DAIR) comprises different functions that work together to advance AUC’s mission and promote effective decision making. Across these specializations, the office offers a variety of services and products to support AUC academic and administrative units, as well as outside constituencies, with planning, assessment, accreditation, research and data analysis needs. In addition, the office strives to ensure that AUC is timely in reporting to U.S. and Egyptian government and accreditation bodies.

In our role as the clearing house for University data, the office is committed to a process of transparency, a culture of evidence and open communication in which information is made widely available to the campus community, as well as facilitating the flow of information between the central administration and campus units.  

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The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies supports undergraduate education at AUC and provides assistance to students who have not yet declared a major. Working closely with the dean, faculty and staff, the office aims to improve the advising and registration processes; to encourage greater integration and coordination of teaching and learning activities across the curriculum, and to serve as an advocate for undergraduate studies at the University.  


  • Responsible for the Academic Advising Center to assist undeclared undergraduate students in developing their educational plans and setting career and life goals
  • Home to the Academic Advising Center and the University Council for Advising, Registration and Enrollment, comprised of staff members who work collaboratively with the University to enhance the student experience at AUC
  • Implements the Core Curriculum philosophy and programs that enable students to enhance their writing and reasoning skills
  • Coordinates the Academic Community Engagement program, which encourages students to apply academic theories and innovative ideas to hands-on work and services that target the greater Egyptian community
  • Supports the Undergraduate Research Program, which seeks to create a culture of research across disciplines and expand opportunities for student research  
  • Supervises the the Dialogue Program, a course which aims to advance the principles and experience of cross-cultural discourse using videoconferencing technologies to connect with students from other countries

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety promotes and maintains environmental health and safety for the entire AUC community to ensure the well-being of our students, faculty and staff by continually improving operational quality. Safety is our top priority. The office works to enhance the quality of life for the entire community by maintaining an open environment where the safety of all is balanced with the rights of the individual.


  • Responsible for training students and staff on relevant environmental health and safety subjects
  • Setting guidelines for events on campus and for the use of AUC facilities
  • Responding to reports of unsafe acts, behaviors or situations
  • Defining emergency response procedures and organizing emergency drills on campus

The Office of Facilities and Operations is the first point of service for your needs regarding the use of AUC's facilities. The office consists of a team comprising more than 600 skilled facilities professionals who work to provide an optimum learning, teaching and working environment for all students, faculty and staff within the campus community and to support programs that sustain the educational mission of the University.


  • Maintenance, alterations, repairs and renovations, landscape maintenance and trash removal
  • Architectural and engineering services and energy management
  • Maintaining faculty housing
  • Event support and scheduling services
  • Mail service and distribution
  • Parking, carpool operations and transportation
  • Oversees food service vendor

The Office of Faculty Housing is committed to providing comfortable accommodation for relocated faculty members, administrators and interns, and to establish, through its services and resources, an atmosphere that assists in their personal growth and ensures a pleasant stay in Cairo in support of the University’s mission.  The office employs staff members and craftsmen, as well as external contractors who are trained to provide a wide array of quality services for their clients. Our business practices are based on customer service and emphasize employee innovation and growth.


  • Initial contact point for incoming faculty members
  • Assists with placement into faculty housing based on individual needs
  • Oversees rental agreements and ensures the quality of apartments
  • Provides major maintenance and upkeep for University-owned or leased housing units
  • Contact point for urgent issues and available for emergency services

The Office of Human Resources seeks to attract, retain and develop multiskilled personnel to work at the University. It is also responsible for developing programs and policies that are supportive to the needs of its diverse personnel and that enhance a sound environment where integrity, teamwork, service, productivity and innovation prevail.


  • Responsible for hiring highly skilled staff and faculty members who will contribute to the University's mission
  • Handling employee compensation and benefit plans
  • Contributing to the maintenance of a healthy work environment by adopting a positive and helpful attitude and committing to excellence
  • Offering an array of workshops that address topics and ideas designed to enhance staff performance and effectiveness

The Office of Information Technology serves the AUC community through providing the technology needed to support AUC's goals and objectives. The IT team is responsible for technology in all AUC premises, including student and faculty housing, as well as AUC buses. The Internet bandwidth has tripled at AUC New Cairo and was upgraded in the Zamalek Building. WiFi services have also been upgraded at AUC New Cairo, and more services are being automated to minimize trips to administrative offices and to facilitate approval cycles.


  • Accounts, ID, email, calendar and application management
  • Scheduling teaching and learning spaces and providing classroom equipment and communications tools
  • Selecting, installing or purchasing software and antivirus protection for the AUC community
  • Internet services and assistance with network and connectivity
  • Communication services for faculty and staff across both campuses, including fixed desk IP phones and business mobile lines
  • Setting up and troubleshooting the student information system, as well as learning technologies business and web applications

The Office of Internal Auditors is dedicated to improving University operations by providing independent, objective assurance and advice with respect to evaluating risk management, control and governance processes. By monitoring areas of potential vulnerability and pursuing preventive measures, the office assists all members of the AUC community to comply with policies and procedures and uphold the highest standards of business conduct.


  • Identifying and analyzing relevant risks to the achievement of University objectives, for the purpose of determining how those risks should be managed
  • Handling operations audits to examine the use of function resources to evaluate whether those resources are being used in the most efficient and effective ways
  • Reviewing adherence to laws, regulations, policies and procedures, and recommending improvements in processes and controls intended to ensure compliance
  • Addressing questions of accounting and reporting of financial transactions, including commitments, authorizations, and receipt and disbursement of funds

The Office of International Student Life is your office on campus. We offer advocacy and assistance to all international students during their time in Egypt and act as a liaison between them and AUC's offices on all non-academic issues. The office also serves all AUC students who wish to study abroad or go on an exchange program. The ISL team includes staff members and international peer leaders (IPLs) who work for you around the clock.


  • Advice on what to expect and how to prepare for your studies in Egypt
  • Assistance in obtaining a student visa
  • Organizes trips and activities to familiarize international students with the culture of Egypt and AUC
  • Staffs and trains IPL volunteers to support  your transition to life in Egypt and at AUC
  • Provides academic advising and guidance on transferring course credits
  • Counsels AUC students in selecting and applying for study-abroad programs

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The Office of the Registrar is dedicated to supporting, facilitating and promoting the academic mission of the University by connecting students to the faculty, curriculum and classroom, from enrollment to graduation and beyond.

The office provides the organizational structure and technology to ensure a sound and efficient delivery of instruction, allowing faculty members and students to focus on academic achievement and program requirements. Within this structure, the office ensures the adherence to academic policies, preserves academic integrity, safeguards the security of academic records and effectively provides accessible academic service to constituents. It further supports the administration in academic policy formulation.


  • Processes student registration, class scheduling and class lists
  • Maintains confidential student grades and permanent records
  • Determines transfer credit awards from incoming transfer students and study-abroad students
  • Audits student records to ensure all requirements are met for graduation

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You are about to embark on one of the most exciting and challenging experiences of your life –– living and studying in Cairo, Egypt. At AUC, students of different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities live and work together as part of a living-learning community.  The Office of Residential Life is here to assist you in finding housing on or off campus, and in creating a dynamic, student-centered residential experience that encourages personal and intellectual growth.  


  • Helps students secure housing and make the transition in living independently
  • Provides a safe, friendly and clean living and learning environment
  • Fosters new friendships and a community atmosphere with social activities
  • Plans trips for residents in and around Cairo, as well as abroad
  • Organizes social, cultural and educational events
  • Staffs and trains resident assistants (RAs) and resident directors (RDs) to support and guide fellow residents and help resolve conflicts

The Office of Sponsored Programs represent the University in its dealings with external sponsors. The office assists faculty members in identifying potential funding sources, as well as developing and submitting proposals. Additionally, the office administers all awards and monitors compliance with the sponsor's rules and regulations, as well as AUC's policies and procedures.

The Office of Sponsored Programs has been serving AUC at large for more than 25 years. It has managed more than 900 contracts, grants and cooperative agreements from international organizations, foundations and corporations, in addition to the U.S. federal government and the European Union.


The Office of Sponsored Programs has five major areas of responsibility:

  • Advising AUC faculty members on funding opportunities, deadlines and requirements for external funding used for research, projects and programs of interest to the University
  • Counseling and assisting faculty and staff in preparation and delivery of proposals for external funding, including proposal-writing workshops and assistance in budget development
  • Reviewing and analyzing proposals for external funding, on behalf of the central administration to ensure that University requirements and standards are met
  • Monitoring and supporting the implementation and administration of externally funded programs
  • Assisting the University administration in maintaining policies and procedures necessary to ensure appropriate use of external funding

Office Contacts:


Tel: 20.2.2615.2364

Office Location:
Administration Building
Room G005, Ground Floor
AUC New Cairo
Working Hours:
Sunday - Thursday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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The Office of Student Engagement and Co-curricular Activities  prepares AUC students to become responsible and well-rounded citizens in order to face the challenges of the real world. This is done by guiding, mentoring and coaching them as they join extracurricular activities and student-run organizations. Involvement enhances students capabilities, cultivates a sense of social responsibility and understanding of differences, and improves academic and leadership skills. At the Office of Student Engagement and Co-curriculum, staff members collaborate with faculty advisers, other student affairs offices and University departments.


  • Responsible for supervising the operations of all student organizations to ensure that they function within University guidelines
  • Increasing faculty involvement in student activities  
  • Training student leaders through conferences, workshops and retreats that enhance their organizational and leadership skills
  • Monitoring and supporting student activities, while assuring adherence to safety and security standards
  • Promoting a sense of social responsibility through participation in student organizations and community service projects    

At the Office of Student Financial Affairs and Scholarships, our mission is to make it financially possible for every qualified student to study at AUC. By providing financial guidance, we ensure that AUC is attracting the best and brightest students, and creating a diverse and talented learning community. Our office is also available to assist current students in securing financial support to continue their studies at AUC. We'll help you identify the best sources to fund your education and guide you through the application process.


The Office of Student Financial Affairs and Scholarships offers four types of financial assistance:

  • Institutional Financial Aid: grants awards to both local and international undergraduate and graduate students. Financial aid grants are determined according to the student or family's financial need.
  • Scholarships: AUC offers more than 90 named scholarships to support talented students. Scholarships are awarded based on merit and need.
  • Fellowships: AUC has several fellowships available for graduate students across all academic fields.
  • Work-Study Program: provides students with the opportunity to gain on-campus work experience and develop skills while earning some money to support their education.  

The Office of Student Well-Being was founded in the spirit of educational betterment and on the principle that holistic well-being promotes emotional, academic, ethical and intellectual enhancement among all students, including those with disabilities. The office provides student counseling for emotional wellness and student mentoring for academic success. It also promotes appropriate student conduct to ensure that students learn and abide by AUC community ethics and values.


  • Students with physical and learning disabilities are served within the office's available resources in order to promote an accessible and hospitable learning environment for respective students at AUC
  • The Student Counseling Center assists students in improving self-awareness, defining personal goals, resolving personal challenges and integrating effective living skills into their lives
  • The Student Mentoring Unit advises, guides and supports students to succeed in their academic endeavors, especially those facing academic difficulties
  • Ensures all campus areas are accessible by wheelchairs
  • Coordinates with faculty members and University offices to accommodate students with physical and learning disabilities, and provides adaptive technology software
  • Monitors student conduct and adopts an educational approach in resolving reported violations

The Office of Supply Chain Management oversees the purchase of equipment and supplies for the University. It is responsible for selecting vendors and negotiating contracts to ensure the best value and quality.  The office also handles storage, inventory and delivery of products.    

The Office of Business Support is one of the official liaison offices between AUC departments, academic units and key governmental authorities through the University's Office of the Counselor. The Office of Business Support also assists non-residents in securing the necessary visas and residence requirements for study and work.


  • Negotiating and administering purchase orders and contracts
  • Ensuring the timely delivery of quality products at competitive prices
  • Controlling the warehouse inventory of AUC property
  • Receiving and storing materials, and transporting finished products
  • Assisting non-Egyptians with residence procedures
  • Complying with Egyptian labor laws
  • Handling all import and export clearing services for AUC faculty members and academic departments

Established in September 2011, the Office of Sustainability is responsible for addressing AUC’s environmental challenges, including climate change, resource scarcity, pollution and waste management. The office portfolio consists of a biennial Carbon Footprint Report, energy reduction programs, water consumption reduction and management, waste management and efforts to raise campus awareness of environmental concerns affecting AUC and the community at large. The Office of Sustainability is a division of the Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance. 

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The International Programs Office aims to intertwine the global dimension into AUC and targets at providing students with a unique opportunity to study in a foreign country for academic credit. The goal is to provide students with an international educational experience valuable for both personal growth and career prospects. It also allows students to better shape their academic careers and to differentiate their qualifications.

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Established to help faculty and staff members, administrators and students with their travel plans. The office handles business or personal trips in Egypt or abroad through corporate deals with premium hotels. It also monitors policies set by the administration for these types of travel.

For official business trips, the Travel Office also arranges car transfers to and from the airport for faculty members and administrators, in addition to meet-and-assist services through customs and immigration arranged at the airport in accordance with the guidelines governing the provision of such services.


  • Flight reservations and seating assignment
  • Flight fare quotations and ticket issuance
  • Booking of train tickets (Europe)
  • Frequent flyer arrangements
  • Hotel reservations in Egypt and abroad
  • Airport meet-and-assist services
  • Car and bus reservations in Egypt and abroad
  • Organized trips throughout Egypt for individuals and groups
  • Online booking