Sustainable Green Campus

Sustainable AUC

AUC is supporting academic research to address climate change, but we also know it’s just as important to create a sustainable environment at home.  

We tackle sustainability from every angle; decreasing the University's carbon footprint, promoting environmental research and education, implementing recycling programs and raising public awareness.  In order to carry out these projects, AUC has established the Office of Sustainability, the Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment (RISE), a Center for Sustainable Development.


Volunteers planting a rooftop garden in Fayoum.

Center for Sustainable Development

The mission of the Center for Sustainable Development is to guide sustainable development efforts in Egypt, the region and beyond by providing holistic academic programs, applied interdisciplinary research and community services for improving lives and livelihoods while safeguarding natural resources for the future generations to come.

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Research Institute for a Sustainable Development (RISE)

RISE serves as a multidisciplinary institute dedicated to promoting research of sustainable environments in Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa. 

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Sustainable Campus

AUC has taken several measures to foster a “clean and green” campus environment from developing a sustainable trash management system and building the University’s first extensive green roof. 

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Volunteers planting a rooftop garden in Fayoum.

Food for the Future: RISE Installs Solar-Powered Chicken Incubators in Fayoum

A group of volunteers from Egypt and the United Arab Emirates were still waking up as they settled onto couches in a downtown Cairo office on a Wednesday morning in late November.

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For Khaled Tarabieh, going green must be a part of our everyday lives

Khaled Tarabieh: AUC is Pioneering Green Architecture in Egypt

Sitting atop Egypt’s first green rooftop at AUC’s faculty housing building, Khaled Tarabieh, assistant professor of sustainable design in the Department of Construction and Architectural Engineering, stressed the idea that climate change cannot be addressed solely at the institutional level. “People need to come around to the idea of green lifestyles to enact any real change,” declared Tarabieh. “Being sustainable and green is not just physical and environmental; it’s social.”

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AUC Promotes Education for Sustainable Development in Egyptian Schools

In the midst of growing movements toward educational change in Egypt, AUC’s Center for Sustainable Development has launched a project, titled School of 2030: Education for Sustainable Development in Boulaq El Dakrour – EduCamp III. The project’s main objective is to transform education in Egypt by building schools in areas of informal settlement that meet the goals of the country’s larger sustainable development strategy, known as Egypt Vision 2030.

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Neighborhood Initiative

The establishment of a Neighborhood Initiative on AUC's Tahrir and New Cairo campuses presents an opportunity for AUC to reflect on place-based strategies that combine elements of civic engagement and anchor strategies relevant to the region.

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A New Take on Old Water

AUC's Adham Ramadan, Amal Esawi and their students develop a cost effective and more efficient hybrid membrane for water desalination plants using carbon nanotubes.

AUC's Carbon Footprint 2013

The potentially stark consequences of climate change for Egypt have led The American University in Cairo (AUC) to undertake the first carbon footprint study of an institution of higher education in the Middle East and North African region (MENA).This study also responds to concerns about the sustainability of AUC's own operations.

Building a Green Future

Khaled Tarabieh, assistant professor in the Department of Construction and Architectural Engineering, talks us through AUC's faculty housing, one of the first ...