Giving Opportunities

Giving to AUC is an investment in the future generations of Egypt, the region and the world. It is a contribution to the enhancement of the future of science, research, world economy among other areas of human development.

Your gift to AUC will ensure that new generations of students can come to Cairo and join a singular intellectual community. You ensure that our alumni will enter the professional world with broad minds, practical skills and leadership experience. You ensure that AUC continues to play a vital role in Cairo, Egypt, the Middle East and the world.

When you give to AUC, you give an opportunity for students to conduct research alongside professors, to work with peers from around the world, to expand their understanding of themselves and of the world. You give faculty members the resources they need to develop new ideas, pursue promising research projects and apply their research in communities near and far. You give our community the support it needs to function efficiently and effectively.

Your gift can support a number of areas including Named Spaces Opportunities, Scholarships, Fellowships, ProfessorshipsResearch, Awards, Faculty and Staff Development Funds, Diplomas and Certificates and Distinguished Visiting Professors.

Secure a lasting legacy by establishing a named space at AUC. Donors now have the opportunity to name any available space on campus to honor loved ones or create a legacy for an organization — or even themselves. Naming opportunities range from bricks to classrooms and fountains and will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Whatever option you choose, you will leave a lasting memory at AUC. See the named spaces here that are already on campus. 

With more than 116 named scholarship funds at AUC, bright and promising students from Egypt and around the world are provided the gift of an AUC education, giving birth to successful careers for future leaders who can make a difference. Selected scholarship students may choose from more than 35 undergraduate programs at AUC.

To apply for a scholarship, click here.

Thanks to supporters of education, AUC's graduate students are given the opportunity to reach their full potential, acquire skills and build networks needed to pursue outstanding careers. With more than 24 named fellowships at AUC, we are changing the lives of scholars to pursue a more prosperous future. The fellows you wish to support will have the chance to choose from 46 distinctive degree programs as members of an interactive and diverse student body from around the world.

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Tomorrow demands faculty members that are committed to independent thinking, innovative teaching and disciplined, creative engagement with the world. It is vital for AUC to recruit and retain faculty members who represent the expansiveness of global research and scholarship. Professorships will allow AUC to attract faculty members who are intellectual engines driving debate and finding solutions to tough problems in Egypt and beyond. Endowing a professorship in your name will support their most promising initiatives, their groundbreaking projects, their transformative work with students and it will exist in perpetuity.

Professorships are based in a specific school to help AUC build expertise in broad areas from engineering and banking to comparative religion and entrepreneurship.

There are 7 named professorships at AUC.

Leading scholars of religion, prominent historians, expert law professors and world-renowned scientists are among the broad array of distinguished visiting professors who come to AUC each year to teach, conduct research and deliver public lectures. Through these visits, the University serves as a prime venue for the exchange of ideas, intellectual debate and cultural outreach.

There are 4 named distinguished visiting professors.

AUC offers support for faculty and staff professional development with various training programs, research opportunities, awards and exchange programs.

There are 4 faculty and staff development funds.

Recognizing the challenges facing Egypt and the region, AUC offers two professional programs designed to enhance the skills and employability of lifelong learners and educators.

There are 9 diplomas and certificates.

AUC serves as a global crossroads — a meeting point for East and West, a hub of new ideas and applied research, a public forum where the world’s cultures can come together to debate current issues and work toward viable solutions. With your support, you will provide the resources to find solutions to critical problems, support new research projects and champion innovation at AUC and beyond. 

There are 22 named research funds at AUC.

AUC has several named awards to honor and recognize students and faculty who go the extra mile to make an impact. From science to culture, creative expression and literacy, students and faculty members are encouraged to think outside the box, hone their talents and prove to themselves and to society that they can make a difference.

There are 22 named awards at AUC.