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Top-notch facilities, world-renowned faculty and bright young minds; that's what makes up AUC's rich culture of research. 


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An Impressive Track Record: Moustafa Youssef’s Research in Location Detection Technology Hailed Globally

Moustafa Youssef, professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, has made considerable strides in his research on employing mobile devices for location tracking technology — gaining recognition from top educational and scientific institutions, as well as major tech companies.

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Professor Mustafa Arafa Awarded for Years of Research on Sustainable Energy Harvesting

As the need for renewable energy sources becomes more dire, AUC Professor Mustafa Arafa’s research in low-cost, sustainable energy harvesting has become all the more crucial.

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RAM Memory

Faculty, Student Research on Strengthening Ceramics Published in Top-Tier Academic Journal

Mostafa Youssef, assistant professor of computational materials science and engineering in AUC's Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Mohamed Abdallah '21, a double major in mechanical engineering and physics, have published their research on an innovative technique for making ceramics more durable in the prestigious Physical Review Materials, a top-tier journal in materials science.

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AUC Faculty Develop "EgyptRef": World’s First Comprehensive North African Reference Genome

December 23, Mohamed Salama, visiting associate professor at AUC's Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology, physician and clinical neurotoxicologist, together with an Egyptian-German team from the University of Lübeck, assembled and annotated the world’s first comprehensive North African reference genome, EgyptRef.

AUC Professor Hesham Sallam Discusses the Discovery of a 34-Million-Year-Old Rodent

December 14, Hesham Sallam, professor of vertebrate paleontology at The American University in Cairo (AUC), discusses the latest discovery of a genus of rodents dating back 34 million years from the Jebel Qatrani Formation, Fayum Depression, Egypt.

AUC Faculty Members Among Top 2% Impactful Scientists Globally by Stanford University- Elsevier List

November 10, Meet the 10 faculty members from AUC's School of Sciences and Engineering who were named among the top 2% most impactful scientists globally by Stanford University-Elsevier's Scopus.

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Undergraduate Research

As an undergraduate student, you have the opportunity to participate in AUC's tradition of research and development and make significant contributions in your field. 


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The AUC TTO fosters commercial investment in and licensing of inventions and discoveries flowing from the research at the American University in Cairo.



Research Centers

Research centers and institutes are among the most essential ways AUC encourages collaboration across disciplines.

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AUC Forum Mena Databank

This Databank is AUC Forum’s most dis-aggregated Databank, covering over 30 well-established indicators for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region.

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AUC Students

Interactive Factbook

The AUC Factbook Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of admissions, enrollment, and graduation data for all AUC students–excluding students enrolled in the School of Continuing Education.

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