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Student Activities

Activities are an integral part of student life. To ensure that they make the best out of their time at AUC, students can join a variety of clubs and organizations on campus, developing skills, meeting new people, and gaining experience. These activities, which are part of a student’s co-curricular life, can span from student government to department associations, from arts to goodwill, and much more. AUC students that get involved receive a co-curricular transcript where their activities and the skills and experience they gain are verified by the university to serve as a valuable addition to their resumes in the future.


Student Government

Student government is the representative body for all AUC students. The student union, student senate, and student court work together to support the development of new initiatives, opportunities, and interests.

At the engagement fair, freshmen learn about student clubs and organizations on campus

Student Organizations

Whether it is watching the stars or women’s rights that sparks your interest, you will find like-minded people in one of AUC’s 60 student organizations. The many extracurricular activities available at AUC reflect the diverse backgrounds and interests of the student body. 

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Cocurricular Transcript

The cocurricular transcript officially recognizes students' active participation in student life both on and off-campus. Employers value the AUC brand and recognize the co-curricular transcript as a verified document, thus enhancing the employability of the AUC student.