Center for Student Well-Being (CSW)


The Center for Student Well-Being (CSW) works to help students develop resiliency to enable them to cope with challenges on the emotional, behavioral, or cognitive levels. It also works to raise awareness among the AUC community about the types of challenges and disabilities that a percentage of our student body deal with so that they better understand and empathize with students experiencing difficulties and receiving care. Finally, the CSW provides targeted outreach messages of well-being to the AUC community, guiding them on holistic healthful lifestyles and coping mechanisms.


The vision of the Center for Student Well-Being (CSW) is to be the leader among peers in the country and region and serve as a well-being center of excellence, providing leadership and training to other well-being centers.


Operation During Online Instruction

The Center for Student Well-being will continue to support you during the period of online instruction, as we always do.

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Well-being and Success Tips During the Coronavirus Pandemic

To better support you through the different challenges you are facing with online classes, and personal stressors, we at the Center for Student Well-Being have put together some tips to help you get through it. 

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