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Ahmed Sayed
Senior Specialist
t 20.2.2615.3906

Alexandra Gazis
Associate Director, Student Disability Services
t+ 20.2.2615.3918

Amal Badeeb
Senior Counselor
t+ 20.2.2615.3922

Heba Alaa Fayez
Senior Counselor
t+ 20.2.2615.3921

Iman El Omary
Associate Director, Student Well-being and Outreach
t+ 20.2.2615.3873

Marwa Hussien
Senior Counselor
t+ 20.2.2615.3914

Nada Almosallam
Officer, Disability, and Accommodations
t+ 20.2.2615.3983

Ola Morsy
Chief Clinical Officer
t+ 20.2.2615.3901

Office Location  
P001, Campus Center, AUC New Cairo                                 

Office Hours
Sundays to Thursdays
8:30 am - 4:00 pm                        
t+ 20.2.2615.3906
t+ 20.2.2615.3902