Well-Being and Outreach

The At-Risk Counseling and Outreach Unit of the Center for Student Well-being (CSW) promotes holistic well-being among all students at AUC. It provides an awareness of the components of holistic well-being and addresses each in the form of information posted on our website, workshops, events, and other awareness-raising activities.

To view a list of workshops/webinars offered until the end of the fall 2021 semester, click on the link below:

Workshop/webinar Schedule

The At-Risk Counseling and Outreach Unit offers workshops throughout the year. Students may also schedule an appointment with a wellness counselor to assess their overall wellness and create and implement realistic goals to help them with their personal well-being, which we believe is positively associated with academic success.

The At-Risk Counseling Unit reaches out to students who are struggling with their academic performance. We contact students who are identified as struggling academically and schedule them for an intake meeting, where we work with them to identify the issues that are holding them back. Students who are struggling with academic issues are referred to as AUC’s many and varied academic resources. Students continue to be supported throughout the semester for their non-academic issues. Click here to view our counselors introducing themselves in these brief videos.

We also provide students with the support of Well-Being Is Now (WIN) peer supporters, trained and experienced successful students who remain in regular contact with you, providing collegial advice and guidance on-campus resources and support networks to facilitate positive outcomes and healthier experiences at AUC.  

For appointments with an At-Risk Counselor to address areas of difficulty, set a plan to meet individual needs, or follow up on progress, use this form to book an appointment.

For any well-being related questions, email studentwellbeing@aucegypt.edu