Talent Management

Building a culture of lifelong learning, high performance and accountability among leaders who are committed to self-development, while coaching others to strive for excellence in support of AUC’s mission.


My Performance Journey: New Performance Management System

AUC Competencies Framework

Competencies: Definitions and Measurements

Competencies Awareness Sessions

Performance Management Awareness Sessions


May 2018

Competency: Excellence (Self-Leadership)

Competency: Managing Performance (Drive Performance)

Competency: Communication (Change Management)


April 2018

Competency: Service (Excellence of Customer Service)

Competency: Communication (Kalimat)

Competency: Managing Performance (Managing People Performance)

Competency: Collaboration (Negotiating for Results)


March 2018

Competency: Communication (Business Etiquette)

Competency: Excellence (Problem Solving and Decision Making)

Competency: Communication (Public Speaking)

Competency: Work Habits (Stress Relief and Reduction)


February 2018

Competency: Excellence (Personal Effectiveness)

Competency: Leadership (Engagement: A New Management Era)

Competency: Coaching (Build Trust, Coach and Motivate People)

Competency: Service (التميز في خدمة العملاء (باللغة العربية


January 2018

Competency: Collaboration (Negotiating for Results)

Competency: Communication (Influential Leadership)

Competency: Collaboration (Collaborative in Workspace)

Competency: Communication (7 Communication Sins)


December 2017

Competency: Leadership (Leading Effective Teams)

Competency: Work Habits (Emotional Intelligence)

Competency: Communication (Presentation Skills)


November 2017

Competency: Service (Excellence of Customer Service)

Competency: Communication (Professional Business Writing)

Competency: Collaboration (Collaborative in Work-Space)


Registration Process:

  1. Fill out the Training Application Form 2017 - 2018.
  2. Secure the approval of the director/head of your department.
  3. Send the Training Application Form approved and scanned to stafftrain@aucegypt.edu.
  4. Wait for a confirmation email or an email indicating that you are in a waiting list (in case they exceed the maximum allowed number).

Applications will not be processed unless they are approved.


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