The mission of the Parents Association (PA) of The American University in Cairo is to be the voice of all AUC parents and family members, to help build a sense of community among the entire AUC community, and to support AUC in achieving its educational goals.

The purpose of the PA is to support AUC’s mission, philosophy, programs, and activities for the benefit of all AUC students. The PA facilitates communication among parents and AUC administration, affecting student life and experience. The PA fosters a spirit of inclusion, partnership, and cooperation among the entire school community.


Parents Association Bylaws



The Parents Association Board is composed of eleven effective members as well as honorary members.

Board members volunteer their time and effort with no privileges in return.

The board function is governed by the Bylaws document which is approved by the AUC Administration.

All parents can contribute to board activities and initiatives as volunteers.



Supporting parents and students in concerning matters and acting accordingly with AUC key figures involved

Acting as a liaison between parents community and AUC administration

Representing parents in different invitations from AUC community



Omar Mohsen Athletic Achievement Cup

Parents Association Cup



Social and cultural health, safety and security

Sports activities and academic excellence

Food services and student finance

Communications, housing and transportation


Funding Activities

PA Cup granted for the best student who achieves excellence in academic life plus excelling in CoCurricular activities

Omar Mohsen Cup for the best student who achieves international/national medals for AUC

Granting financial support to students in their overseas projects/conferences

Granting financial support to students representing AUC internationally in conferences like Module United Nation and Model Arab League

Funding Request Form

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Contact Information

Office Location

AUC New Cairo
AUC Avenue, P.O. Box 74
New Cairo, 11835, Egypt

University Residences
tel 20.2.2615.4003